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  1. BelgarathMTH

    What game are you currently playing?

    I've recently started giving Lord of the Rings Online a try. I've been pleasantly surprised. It has beautiful environments and engaging gameplay that includes a sliding difficulty option from 0-10. I've been trying my first experience at level 3. There's a bard class called the "minstrel", and...
  2. BelgarathMTH

    Icewind Dale Redux: Kicking it old school (B/X character creation) with a roleplay driven party (The Nightmare Company)

    The numbers from the roller program made me suspicious of the quality of the RNG, until I looked up that 3 6-sided dice can produce 216 outcomes. Only 1 out the 216 is an 18. Only 3 out of the 216 are 17's. The highest probabilities are in fact concentrated to the middle numbers. Check out a...
  3. BelgarathMTH

    Site Updates

    I don't know what European conventions are, but here in the Southeast U.S., a golf clap is usually used in a sarcastic context, such as after someone has a spectacular accident or pitfall. It says "Bravo, epic fail there." But when I see those hands on the forum, I just think it means...
  4. BelgarathMTH

    The Baldur's Gate Saga is my Moby Dick 🐳 (Long post and spoilers, sorry!)

    @Urdnot_Wrex , I think your reply is beautifully put. I also thought of suggesting that a person shouldn't force him or herself to finish a game that's no fun or not being enjoyed, but I couldn't think of a way to say it that wouldn't come across as negative or not addressing the question that...
  5. BelgarathMTH

    Worldbuilding: What are your favorite worlds /settings?

    @Cahir I need to watch that show again. It was a favorite of mine during the '90's. The Centauri, the Narn, and the Minbari are truly fascinating sci-fi cultures, the characters are memorable, and the world-building is top notch. Walter Koenig as a corrupt psi-cop for the win. :)
  6. BelgarathMTH

    Worldbuilding: What are your favorite worlds /settings?

    I like a lot of the ones mentioned here, so I'll give a shout out to the world of Enroth, which hasn't been mentioned. It's got cool politics via the succession war between Roland and Archibald, and lots of faction interplay. A lot of it is to give story underpinnings to the strategy series...
  7. BelgarathMTH

    The Meme Thread

    @m7600 , I've seen that one. It made the rounds among my colleagues on Facebook a while back. It's a hilariously brilliant meme for musicians. Glad to see it posted here.
  8. BelgarathMTH

    What game are you currently playing?

    I mentioned it in another thread, but lately I've been really into Star Wars: The Old Republic. It is an MMO version of Star Wars that has origin stories like Dragon Age: Origins, and a very generous free-to-play option. Combat is near story-mode level of non-difficulty for the solo portion of...
  9. BelgarathMTH

    Industry News / Upcoming Games

    I'm curious whether the blocking of the deal in the UK means it won't happen in the US either. Was it an all-or-nothing deal?
  10. BelgarathMTH

    Thoughts on when a game should end?

    I almost never finish any game. I like games that feel completely open-ended, or at least so big that I can get my fill without ever reaching the actual end. That includes Baldur's Gate. I haven't fought Melissan in ToB for more than a decade now, yet I've started new characters in BG1...
  11. BelgarathMTH

    Zaram Maldovar's Poorly Played No-Reload Cemetery (Attempt #50: On Hiatus)

    I have another suggestion that will make this new thread much more readable as it lengthens. Please spoiler tag most of the screenshots. What is going to happen if you don't is that the thread will go nuts jumping around trying to download all the screenshots on the user end every time it's...
  12. BelgarathMTH

    Baldurs Gate Logic: Enhanced Edition

    Is "Zork" by any chance a play on "Vork" from "The Guild"? (I highly recommend watching it to anybody who hasn't.)
  13. BelgarathMTH

    Baldur's Gate Trilogy No Reloads Run

    Yes, I'd definitely read an Alesia_BH documented no-reload run here. I started checking this forum daily instead of Beamdog after the changes there, and because most of the people I was friends with there migrated here.
  14. BelgarathMTH

    Things that do not make sense in games

    If you enjoy Shadiversity, you might also enjoy LindyBeige.
  15. BelgarathMTH

    eso minstrel personality /lute

    I've been interested lately in seeing what ESO can do with music emotes, because I've been leveling a bard in FFXIV and thinking about how to do a similar feeling build in ESO. Maybe a bow build for fighting, light armor, something like that, use music emotes to play in towns? Are there music...
  16. BelgarathMTH

    Elder Scrolls Online

    I'd be very interested in hearing updates about your experiences and impressions. For me, the combat wasn't challenging enough to keep me interested past my initial excitement to explore. I'll still play it from time to time, though, when I'm in the mood for good rp stories with trivial combat.
  17. BelgarathMTH

    Good and evil working together?

    On the first thing, if you mean that the existence of arcane magic should make divine magic less appealing to people, I would point out that arcane spells can't heal and raise the dead. I find that an important distinction, and a good reason why people might pray for spells from a deity who...
  18. BelgarathMTH

    Good and evil working together?

    That's a cool question. I can't answer as to the details of divine trickery, but I would assume it has something to do either an evil deity posing as something else, perhaps faking benign intent and setting up a slippery slope of some kind, or else offering a cunningly worded magically binding...
  19. BelgarathMTH

    Good and evil working together?

    Yours and @Urdnot_Wrex 's insightful posts may convince me to give Shadowheart a chance one day. The statement that struck me in your post was "...may have been tricked into serving Shar..." That struck me because I sometimes like to RP a cleric of Sharess, the Goddess of Cats and Sensual...
  20. BelgarathMTH

    Games you're looking forward to

    I've played AoW games. They're okay, but I never could get into them all that much. First of all, unlike the HoMM series, each installment radically changes the rules and the gameplay. The first three don't feel like continuing installments in the same game series to me. I'm not talking gradual...
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