Axis and Allies: my redesign for the standard Global 1940 map

Black Elk

I still wish someone at Renegade or Beamdog would give me that job! lol

Anyhow, figured there might be some interest/crossover here....

gameboard 1940 sm.png

I redesigned all the contours to make a World Map projection that I found more appealing than OOB, while still preserving the same territory tile connections and most of the playscale abstractions. That's a tripleA mock up in raster and tuned for that so it'd work there, hence the painted-on colors/palette tint conventions, fonts available etc. That all keys off the oldscool tripleA throwbacks there, but I'm working on a physical version/vector to print at a higher rez, cleaned up for that purpose, face to face. Once the new rig gets here!

My goal is to create a magneto board like Cyanight's but which can stack on top of itself as a tower with pylons at the corners. The idea being rigid panels which can stack vertically in layers on raisers, for storage and display, with the pieces set and ready to go! Rather than a massive vinyl mat or folding cardboard, this would be sectional, so that each panel (say A2 or thereabouts) can be moved separately when set. You know, so you don't need a 6 ft backing, or have to carry the whole table if you just wanted to say, move it from the living room to another room, or to your bookshelf.


That's the idea at any rate. Pet project. But thought I'd show off the digi draft just to to see how I'd do the contours and TT boundaries and such.

Here is it is at 11110px

Ps. Meant to stick this in Fan Creation, but since I goofed there, something more for discussion...

In case anyone didn't catch the news, Renegade is adapting the A&A ruleset for the GI Joe brand...!

They announced it at Comic Con SD a couple days ago. I think it's a pretty good match. The game map there is supposed to be set on the Arctic, which sounds pretty cool! I also think there is room for a more narrative RP type element in these games, which perhaps this marriage of brands may help to bring out. My other big idea lately is to for an agent type unit. I think it's important that the game feature at least one sculpt that is recognizably a gal. While GI Joe has the Baroness and Jaye, Axis and Allies still lacks this, which is a bit conspicuous, especially these days. Idea would be to make an all purpose Agent unit who can capture that via the shadow war, officer staff, resistance and espionage aspect, which is missing from the A&A game currently. They could also do some stuff in the cover art and within the game manuals for that stuff as well, which would be nice to see. But I'd start by introducing a sculpt to the WW2 1940s era A&A games, cause new sculpts are always fun! To me this would be more interesting than another tank or artillery type, which while great, we've sort of seen all those before. HBG already has custom sculpts for just about everything there in terms of heavy equipment or tech advances and such. I'd rather see some new stuff for the Infantry figures, the actual plastic army men as it were, with elites or commanders or spies. That sort of thing, just cause we haven't seen that done before in an A&A game. Anyhow, look forward to seeing what they cook up there!

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