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Day 37 Continued: Early Camp
9th Kythorn, 1368 DR

Kivan was badly wounded from the fighting (and from some Firewine traps that Imoen did not detect in time); most of Neera’s and my spells were spent. We surfaced back to the ruined bridge and paid our leave to it, satisfied with our vanquishing of the evils here. We made camp a short distance away, towads the direction of Adoy’s enclave. It was only the later afternoon at this point, but we needed rest before we were to finally meet this hermit of a wild mage to the east.

Day 38: Adoy and Neera
10th Kythorn, 1368 DR

We awoke in the dark early morning and trekked a few hours east to Adoy’s enclave, getting there at dawn. It appeared that a goblin horde (along with a large population of wolves) had overtaken the small mountainpass where Adoy supposedly lived. I spoke to a solitary widower living in a nearby cabin and he confirmed the mage Adoy lived nearby. Most crucially, he had been kidnapped by the goblins when they had appeared in the area.

We fought our way through the goblins in their caves, killed their hobgoblin leader, and liberated Adoy. But shortly after, the Red Wizards of Thay who were pursuring Neera in Beregost all those weeks ago teleported into the enclave, ready to kill and kidnap. We were lucky to slay them all, but it was a difficult battle–Neera’s “Paws of the Cheetah” boots may very well have saved her life, as she was able to easily flee (repeatedly) from the mercenaries that seemed to want nothing more than to spill her blood.

Screenshot 2024-04-06 at 6.59.28 PM.jpeg

After the fighting, we were able to speak more with Adoy. And we found out there was no way he could help Neera. I should have anticipated this to some degree, but my hope that I could find a just solution for Neera propelled me forward all the way out here. Instead it seems that Adoy is as irresponsible, unremorseful, and quite frankly as craven as Neera. Apparently one of his wild surges started this whole mess with the goblins, and he “by chance” disappeared during the fighting…and afterwards as well.

I’ve invested too much time with this girl Neera to NOT ensure that she makes amends for her past! She is not an evil soul, but without facing up to her crimes in High Forest, the injustice will rot. I must ensure as best I can that she takes responsibility for her actions and travels back up north to her homeland.

But, alas I cannot leave this southern region just yet. I had left Nashkel in a rush a month ago to find Tranzig in Beregost, which set off a long struggle against the Iron Throne that lasted several weeks (and truly, still lasts). But there was still much unfinished business in these Amnish borderlands. Brage? Dynaheir? Lingering kobold infestations? If anything, Neera will perform penance by helping to resolve these problems before we all inevitably travel back north.

In a foul mood we marched through the night, southwest in the wilds towards Nashkel.

Day 39: Ogres, Bandits, and Wolves
11th Kythorn, 1368 DR

We walked until the sun was up. As we finally started to make camp, we were attacked by large pack of wolves and then again by a gang half-ogres. But at some point a quiet morning befell us and we were able to get some rest.


We broke camp in the afternoon and resumed our travel to Nashkel. We battled through several encounters with ogres, bandits, and aggressive wolves: proof that the region is still in crisis. But we did our part to bring justice to the countryside.

Screenshot 2024-04-06 at 8.04.51 PM.jpeg

Screenshot 2024-04-07 at 6.00.43 AM.jpeg

We kept on traveling southwest and made camp again around nightfall.

Day 40: Return to Nashkel
12th Kythorn, 1368 DR

We awoke just before dawn and began the last leg of our journey to Nashkel. Our travels were relatively peaceful for the day, and we arrived in the town mid-afternoon.

It was apparent from speaking to the commoners that our party has gained some renown for our exploits, and not just because of the Nashkel mines. Already word has spread down from Cloakwood about what occurred there, too. But while the mine here is slowly recovering, the common folk made clear their problems still abound due to the lingering troubles in the region. Banditry, villainy, and the threat of war have not diminished. Truly my most just cause involves this Iron Throne organization in Baldur’s Gate…and soon we will head there. But first my real purpose in Nashkel: find Brage, the murderer and outlaw, and then track down Dynaheir, the mysterious witch. Once they’ve been accounted for and justice done, I’ll be able to turn north.

We walked the town and carnival, but there has been nothing new reported on either of them. The ranger Minsc still loitered in the center of town, now no longer even mentioning Dynaheir. I may have thought her to be part of his imagination if the woman hadn't also been sought after by the red wizard Edwin.

Screenshot 2024-04-07 at 6.26.54 AM.jpeg

In one carnvial tent, through unlikely timing, we walked into a mage about to murder another mage…calling her a witch of all things. After he killed her he turned his magic on us, and we had to slay him before he was able to reveal any more of his story. Could this have something to do with Dynaheir, another “witch” being hunted by a mage? Is Dynaheir truly an innocent spellcaster, the charge of a madman, trapped by beasts somewhere? Or is she rather a spellcasting madwoman herself, some kind of Queen of the Gnolls, and member of an insidious network of Amnish witches? No, now my own dark imagination gets away from me…

Screenshot 2024-04-07 at 7.29.14 AM.jpeg

As far as the twisted criminal Brage, there were no leads as to his whereabouts. A child I spoke at the carnival is still frightened of the whole story and hears the mad commander rustling about outside at night…but I doubt that’s anything more than a small boy’s nightmares. With nothing to go on, I resolved for the time being to head west to the gnoll stronghold and focus on the search for Dynaheir instead.

We stayed for the night at the inn, eager to begin our travels anew tomorrow.

Day 41: In the Cloud Peaks
13th Kythorn, 1368 DR

We left Nashkel in the early morning and headed southwest, with the landscape eventually transforming into the foothills of the Cloud Peak Mountains. We dealt mostly with xvarts and other creatures of the wilderness; but even bandits and ruffians were out this far to cause trouble for travelers. As usual, we brought justice to the countryside where we could.

We made camp in the evening.

Day 42: Getting Closer to the Fortress
14th Kythorn, 1368 DR

We remained in the Cloud Peaks the following day, still traveling west to the gnoll stronghold, far outside the standard Coast Way traffic. Although we were not completely outside the influence of ruffians: A pair of opportunists who were chopping down a Dryad’s tree attacked us when I attempted to speak some sense into them.

Gnoll encounters became more and more frequent. And one even spoke of a “captive” in the fortress to the west. This is likely Dynaheir, the target of our long search! Good. Whoever she is, she looks to still be alive and truly a captive of these beasts.

We kept up our pace well into the darkness of the night, but made camp before midnight.

Day 43: More Travel West
15th Kythorn, 1368 DR

We broke camp in the morning and kept journeying west. The land was sparse, and we were so far from the Coast Way that it seemed even the bandit crisis was finally well behind us.

I became uneasy thinking about the possible evils occurring back in civilization in our absence, but reassured myself that this mission I was undertaking was the most righteous course of action. Even so, we marched through the night again to hasten our arrival.

Day 44: Arrival at the Gnoll Stronghold
16th Kythorn, 1368 DR

We continued our march overnight to the gnoll stronghold, only stopping to make camp once the sun was up and we were near the base of the fortress.


By the afternoon, we were ready to begin our assault. We started by crossing a footbridge and dispatching of some ogrillon thugs. We then started to clear the series of paths and caves to the south of the walled fortress.

Current Party:

Stea Roco, Level 6 Priest of Tyr
Kivan, Level 6 Ranger
Imoen, Level 7 Thief
Neera, Level 6 Wild Mage

Reputation: Heroic (20)


Day 44 Continued: Rescuing Dynaheir
16th Kythorn, 1368 DR

Light snow flurries began as the chilly evening grew late–we were at a high enough altitude and received enough cool air from the coast that we witnessed the rare sight of snow in Kythorn. And amidst this backdrop, we stormed the gnoll stronghold. We battled dozens and dozens of the evil vermin, but they were no match for us. Soon the fortress was full of gnoll corpses.

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 1.41.26 PM.jpeg

At first there was no sign of Dynaheir, but we made sure to look closely everywhere; we’d had come too far to not find her now. Then finally–we saw her at the bottom of a torture pit.

After we got her out, it was clear she was no evil witch, and we were truly her rescuers. She was tight-lipped about her purposes in the region, but my inclination was that she seemed honorable enough and she was not lying about her story. Apparently a distant traveler from Rasheman, she is searching for Minsc just as Minsc was searching for her. Rather than letting the mysterious invoker wander off alone into the wilderness, we decided we would travel together; I will plan to reunite the two in Nashkel and see what true motives shake out.

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 2.10.22 PM.jpeg

We returned to where we made camp in the morning, and rested through the night.

Day 45: The Search for Brage
17th Kythorn, 1368 DR

Overnight I considered the next course of action for our adventuring party. True, we discovered Dynaheir is no evil villain–but there is a Commander Brage still on the loose and there is no vaguery about his disposition. I decided we must spend more time scouring the western wilderness for him, between Nashel and the coastline. It may take another tenday before we return to the Coast Way–but it will just longer than that if we must make a second journey out here in another tenday past. So we must find this madman, no more delay! This extra time in the wilds will provide Dynaheir the opportunity to contribute to our righteous cause, and I will be sure to observe her moral character.

Once we broke camp, we traveled north up the coastline from the gnoll stronghold. We covered much ground for the day; still encountering banditry among the ogres, hobgoblins, and other monsters. Unfortunately, there was no sign of Brage and the daylight eventually wore out.

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 3.05.19 PM.jpeg

As darkness fell and rain poured down, we made camp again.

Day 46: Seawatcher Sirines
18th Kythorn, 1368 DR

When we awoke, our travels continued. We headed towards Seawatcher lighthouse, as any landmark out here deserves a closer look for the mad Commander. The morning was rather uneventful as our search party trekked along.

But instead of Brage as we neared the shore, we encountered the hostile forces of nature: wolves, sirines, and even more rain. The sirines in particular were troublesome and dangerous. Cruel and aggressive spellcasters, they look only to murder unlucky land-walkers who happen upon them. The first trio we encountered, we defeated with a summoned skeleton warrior and Tyr’s Exaltations, rendering most of their spellcasting useless. For the next group–which included their leader, Sil–we relied on potions of explosives and Silence. Both Imoen and Neera almost succumbed to poisonous arrows but were cured in time.

Beyond the aggressive fauna, we also encountered more locals and travelers than we had in previous days. Some, like a mother and her worg-threatened son, we were able to help. Others, such as deranged soothsayers and unsavory rogues, looked to be beyond anything we could offer.

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 4.34.27 PM.jpeg

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 4.59.49 PM.jpeg

By the evening, we were spent, rain-logged, and ready to make camp.

Day 47: Approaching the Pirate’s Cove
19th Kythorn, 1368 DR

Our target in the pre-dawn hours was a supposed pirate’s cove nearby. Guarded by the Sirine Sil and spoken about by the treasure-hunting thief Safana, it seemed a likely place as any to serve as a hiding place for a criminal.

Current Party:

Stea Roco, Level 7 Priest of Tyr
Kivan, Level 6 Ranger
Imoen, Level 7 Thief
Dynaheir, Level 5 Invoker
Neera, Level 6 Wild Mage

Reputation: Heroic (20)


Day 47 Continued: Brage Faces Justice
19th Kythorn, 1368 DR

In the pre-dawn darkness, we entered the pirate’s cave we had discovered. It was a magically-trapped cavern guarded by flesh golem sentries. One of them almost killed me with a shocking blow, but ultimately they were vulnerable to Kivan’s fire arrows. And while pirates may have stashed treasure here in time past, there was no sign of who we were searching for: Brage.

We turned our search back inland and traveled easterly. By the afternoon, after some more scuffles with hobgoblins and gnolls, we finally escaped the coastal rain and found ourselves in a rocky hilled area. And by the Grace of Tyr, we finally found the murderer Brage! Amidst a scene of carnage and grisled bodies, he shouted incoherent ramblings at us. Very quickly I was overcome by the powerful urge to slay the man. One more moment of his hideous existence would have been too much for the realm. With complete moral clarity, I knew I must dispense Tyr’s justice and destroy the vile fiend. He was a powerful and berserking foe, but we defeated him just the same. He had a cousin, some protector of his, that leapt out and attacked us soon after, and she was defeated next.

Screenshot 2024-04-20 at 2.01.56 PM.jpeg

It is done. Dynaheir rescued, and Brage punished. I ventured out of Nashkel for these two, and now I will return there with the problems resolved. But while I may feel the temptation to celebrate, I’m far away from that. The Sword Coast is still enflamed with banditry and evil and I’ve only scratched the surface.

Even nearby, there was trouble afoot. Not a short trek from where we battled Brage and Laryssa, there was a large gang best described as archaeological speculators. After a quick talk with their leaders, I realized this entire operation was a breeding place of lies, crime, and banditry. And for that, I decided to stick around the site for the remainder of the evening to both “supervise” and protect the possible innocents–and good thing I did, by the Grace of Tyr again. Not hours later, the greedy fools released an ancient curse; several of the diggers became possessed and murderous, forcing our hands to slay them. It was a bloody scene of course, but would have been bloodier without our party there.

Screenshot 2024-04-20 at 2.35.03 PM.jpeg

By now, night was drawing in and we finally made camp. I was equal parts reeling and exhilarated by the events of the day, but soon sleep overcame me.

Day 48: Xvart Eradication
20th Kythorn, 1368 DR

We awoke in the morning and traveled in the direction of Nashkel, mostly undisturbed in the western wilderness, reflecting on the events of yesterday.

By the evening, we passed through a giant nest of Xvarts that attacked us on sight. We were able to eradicate most all of them, including their cave bear pets, even as the little monsters seemed to spill out of their huts without end.

We soon made camp again.

Day 49: Long Trip to Nashkel
21st Kythorn, 1368 DR

We broke camp in the early morning again and pushed on to Nashkel. All day we marched from before sunrise to after sunset, then into the dark and midnight. The entire day was deceptively quiet and uneventful, despite all the chaos I know is occurring on the Coast Way. But all we could do it keep trekking, getting closer and closer to the Amnish settlement from which we set out almost a tenday earlier.

Day 50: Joining with Minsc
22nd Kythorn, 1368 DR

We arrived back in Nashkel in the early morning hours past midnight. We saw that Minsc was still awake and in his usual loitering spot, so went immediately to confront him. And yes–he and Dynaheir were truly long lost partners, and Dynaheir insisted on having Minsc by her side.

I had been impressed by Dynaheir–here is a lawful mage with a good head on her shoulders. And Minsc, despite his troubles and naivete, is a good-hearted ranger. Therefore I decided to welcome the Rashemani duo into our traveling party indefinitely. Shortly after, we rented room in the inn and slept for the night.

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 8.20.16 PM.jpeg


We awoke later than usual, in the mid-morning. We spent the day about town: trading wares, identifying magical items, re-equipping our team, and having Dynaheir scribe spells. The Nashkel shopkeeper was the first shopkeeper we’d seen for a full nine days, with he himself being the previous one we dealth with.

As the day wore on, our next course of action was clear to me. We must head north. The Iron Throne I’m sure continues to scheme in the city of Baldur’s Gate, and with their Cloakwood mine being flooded almost a month ago at this point, they have doubtlessly already begun work on a new evil plan. But before that, there is still trouble in the countryside between here and there, and still issues to resolve within our own group (Neera, specifically…). In any case, it all leads us north.

So we had no cause to linger in Nashkel another night. We left in the evening and marched north until midnight, eventually making camp off the Coast Way.

Day 51: Bassilus Still Free
23rd Kythorn, 1368 DR

We broke camp in the morning and continued our trek north. Other than a few stray kobolds, the march was uneventful. I kept alert for Bassilus the Mad Cleric–another evil criminal still terrorizing the region–but more likely he is farther off the Coast Way to some direction, hidden away to partake in his dark deeds.


We reached Beregost in the evening. The town crier confirmed that Bassilus still on loose.

Yes, we have important concerns farther north. Between the Iron Throne and Neera, justice goes unserved. But just like Brage in Nashkel, how can I leave this region while a deranged killer feasts on innocents? I must search the surrounding wilderness for the evil cleric. There are some coastal regions to the west, and then vast lands to the east: the area surrounding Gullykin, the ominous Durlag’s Tower, and the southern edges of the Woods of Sharp Teeth.

I’m frustrated with time it may take to track Bassilus down, but something in me looks forward to the conflict and battle that will come along with this search for evil.

We rented room at the Red Sheaf for the night.

Day 52: Return to High Hedge
24th Kythorn, 1368 DR

After a light sleep, we awoke in the early morning and took our leave from Beregost once again. I decided I would scour the regions west of Beregost first, before turning to the more expansive eastern wilderness.

We headed in the direction way of High Hedge. I had not forgotten about Thalantyr’s roaming flesh golems from many tendays ago (one had killed Khalid). In fact, the images of these magical monsters roaming the wilderness would come to my mind often when envisioning all of the evil and danger on the Sword Coast. This time, we were able to destroy them once we found them–Kivan’s fire arrows, again. I did not exact any more justice on the aloof Thalantyr beyond the destruction of his creatures…

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 9.19.23 PM.jpeg

We traveled southwesterly off the Coast Way for most of the day after that, and continued after nightfall. By midnight, we were sufficiently tired enough to make camp.

Day 53: Slaying Bassilus
25th Kythorn, 1368 DR

By Tyr! We tracked down the vile priest Bassilus while it was still morning. I am grateful I chose to scour the western lands first. This villain was less than a day’s travel from Beregost, and yet no others had the courage to bring him to justice after all this time! The Sword Coast is truly lost and lacking moral fortitude.

His depravity was even worse than Brage’s, and his legion of undead servants made for a dangerous fight, but we dispensed justice anyway. The mad cleric was slain before noon. We searched the rest of the nearby area for any more signs of danger, but Bassilus had been the greatest one.

Screenshot 2024-04-27 at 7.40.14 PM.jpeg

We marched back to Beregost all day, past sunset and through midnight.

Day 54: Overnight to Beregost
26th Kythorn, 1368 DR

With the still-simmering rush of adrenaline from dispensing capital punishment on yet another villain, we continued the march well past midnight.

By dawn we reached High Hedge. (We had discovered a polymorphed mage in our travels in the past days and promised we’d return him to Thalantyr; as it turned out, the mage did not survive the process back to humanoid form anyway.) It was only a couple more hours east to Beregost, so I decided to push on.

We reached the town by late morning and tired as we were, we immediately told Kelddath of Bassilus’s fate.

Current Party:

Stea Roco, Level 7 Priest of Tyr
Minsc, Level 3 Ranger
Kivan, Level 6 Ranger
Imoen, Level 7 Thief
Dynaheir, Level 6 Invoker
Neera, Level 7 Wild Mage

Reputation: Heroic (20)
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Day 54 Continued: A Slow Day in Beregost
26th Kythorn, 1368 DR

Tired from the long overnight march to Beregost, we rented room at the Red Sheaf and fell asleep despite the bright sunlight of the late morning.


Finally catching up on rest by the evening, we conducted some business in town for the remainder of the day. There was some haggling with the bartender at Feldepost’s, and I visited both Firebead Elvenhair and Taerom Fuiruim.

My next course of action was quite clear to me: send Neera back off north to High Forest so she can finally face justice. There is no question in my mind that this is the only right thing for her to do. Neera herself may not yet understand the gravity of this, but she must go and I will not waver on this.

Neera herself is young, flighty, and yes–chaotic–so the rest of us will make as much of the journey as we can with her. I do not trust her to make it alone. But of course, I cannot leave the Sword Coast. The Iron Throne must still face justice, as do Gorion’s killers (if they are not one and the same). Everything so far has led me to the city of Baldur’s Gate, and I won’t turn my back on it. So if I must have some of my companions split off and travel with Neera separately, so be it. But I will go north to the village of Ulgoth’s Beard first to see if there are possibly other methods of safe travel for her.

To avoiding another overnight march, we stayed at the Red Sheaf for the night.

Day 55: Stop at the Friendly Arm
27th Kythorn, 1368 DR

We set out before dawn, and reached the Friendly Arm Inn by the late afternoon, without much trouble on the Coast Way.

I had been keeping some armor, weapons, and other equipment there under the Mirroshades’ watch, so we spent some of the evening re-equipping ourselves and inventorying our magical wares. Minsc was able to dispense with his chainmail and don Ankheg plate armor instead, and he also began to wield Spider’s Bane, which I had recovered in Cloakwood.

After some additional bartering with Bentley Mirrorshade, we rented room for the night. I was intent on continuing our journey north in the morning.

Day 56: The Coast Way North
28th Kythorn, 1368 DR

We left the Friendly Arm Inn in the morning. On the road north, we soon met an Ajantis, a Squire of Helm. He was in the area to tackle the bandit crisis and was willing to join us in our cause. We had no need of another traveling companion, but it is reassuring to see more good-hearted adventurers coming to help the region.

As we continued the trek, the Coast Way up to Baldur’s Gate became more dangerous: sections were completely infested with giant ankhegs, females of the species apparently in heat in the early summer. A farmer named Brun had even lost his son, who had apparently attempted to take on the creatures himself. We spent a few hours in the morning exterminating the bugs in their nest and recovering the boy’s body.

Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 1.11.16 PM.jpeg

Nearby, we also spoke to a group of fishermen who were being harrassed incessantly by a supposed witch of Umberlee. I was concerned and told them I would look into it. So we continued our journey north up the river for the rest of day. Eventually we passed the bridge to Baldur’s Gate on our left, knowing we will be back to it soon.

Soon after we found Tenya, the Priestess of Umberlee. She was crying, aggressive, and nearly hysterical. She tried to attack us at first, but soon broke down and told us her story–the fishermen I met had killed her mother and looted her body for greed. I told the girl I would help her find justice and she relaxed for a moment…but there was something quite unstable in her mind. Only moments afterwards, she became hostile again and began spellcasting and we had no choice but to respond lethally. It was an unfortunate situation, but I will not forget those murderous fishermen who likely drove the girl to this fate.

Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 2.05.22 PM.jpeg

The evening approached by this point, so we made camp by the banks of the river.

Day 57: Visiting Ulgoth’s Beard
29th Kythorn, 1328 DR

The day was mostly consumed by the long journey up the river Chionthar. We started making our way before dawn and arrived in the village in the late afternoon.

I was much intrigued by all the talk of Durlag’s Tower here, even if I didn’t like the huckster tour operators and rogues selling counterfeit trinkets. The tower was on my map, some haunted fortress in the eastern wilderness. Ulgoth’s Beard seems to be a departure point for adventurers and others that dare to venture inside. And once I talked to more people about its lore–the twisted evil and ancient corruption–I knew it was something I would not be able to shake easily from my mind…but there are more pressing concerns much closer.

But there was no solution for Neera’s travel arrangements north from here, whether by boat, caravan, another adventuring party willing to take her on, or anything else. Most of the villagers’ concerns are south, not north. It will likely have to be one of us, then, that accompanies her to High Forest. And as much as I loathe to part with Kivan, he is the one I must ask to go on this epic journey. He’s become like a brother to me and I trust him implicitly. The Rashemani duo or even Imoen herself may have been capable of the mission–but with my confrontation with the Iron Throne imminent, I will need Dynaheir and Imoen (and their skills) close by.

Instead of parting ways with Neera and Kivan here, I’ll take a day to bring them back to the other side of the river–to allow them to begin their journey in solitude, away from potential wild surge victims.

We spent the night at the Ulgoth’s Beard Inn (where I bartered for the Cloak of Displacement).
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Day 58: Across Wyrm’s Crossing
30th Kythorn, 1368 DR

Leaving the village in the early morning, we traveled back down the river bank all day to Wyrm’s Crossing–the bridge to Baldur’s Gate.

It was around the early evening, and our reputation must have preceded us. Scar, second-in-command of the Flaming Fist in the city, wanted to meet with us. He was looking for help in investigating suspicious activity at one of the trading rosters within the walls. He seems like a good enough man, and I agreed to help him–and then brought up what I know about the Iron Throne and their evil plans. Frustratingly, he said there’s nothing he could do at this point! Nothing? Gah, mercenaries! He may be an ally in the future, but it looks like it is up to us to confront the Iron Throne on our own. Fortunately, some of my documents indicate the trouble with the Seven Suns may be related to the Iron Throne anyway. Either way I will have to return to the city as soon as I’m able.

Looking to send Neera on her way, we kept moving north past the city gates. We made camp for night a short time later on the river bank, this time on the northwestern side.

Day 59: The Neera Problem
1st Flamerule, 1368 DR

Morning came and we started our final push north upriver. On the way up, we destroyed a zombie horde that was ravaging a poor farmer’s land and family.

By around noon, things quieted down enough. All the other travelers thinned out, and we found ourselves in a very rural area. Here, on the banks of the Chionthar, was where Imoen, Dynaheir, Minsc, and myself would part ways with Neera and Kivan. The four of us would turn back south to enter Baldur’s Gate, and the two of them would continue on to High Forest, where Neera would return to her people and make amends for the disaster she caused.

But it did not go that way at all. Neera refused to begin her journey. I thought she understood the importance of what needed to happen, but clearly she has learned next to nothing in her time spent traveling with me. Her selfishness is now preventing justice from being served, and as a Priest of Tyr I cannot stand for it.

She yelled at me, and ran off down in the southerly direction before we could stop her…claiming she would be at the Friendly Arm Inn.

Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 3.31.29 PM.jpeg

I was furious at the girl; we had no choice but to turn around and pursue her. My entire body pulsed with anger for some time. Eventually though, I grew sober, realizing there was only one remaining option for Neera…

We made haste back down to the Inn, through midnight, hoping to catch up with her.

Day 60: The Execution of Neera
2nd Flamerule, 1368 DR

We kept pace down the Coast Way for the rest of the night. Between another half-dozen ankhegs and a scuffle with a pack of bandits, we did not reach the Friendly Arm until mid-morning. But we did find Neera here and quickly gathered her up.

It brings me no pleasure to have done this–in fact quite the opposite–but as a Priest of the God of Justice, there is only one thing I could have done. By her own admission, Neera incinerated a classmate back home in High Forest, either badly injuring or killing them. She then quickly fled from the consequences, and has never faced any since. After we saved her life and provided her protection, I gave her opportunity to return home to face justice: she refused.

She wielded dangerous wild magic that only grew more powerful as time went on; at any moment, she could kill innocents with a wild surge. And instead of attempting to better control her magic, she seemed only to want to use it more flagrantly, no longer even recognizing her crimes as immoral. She absolutely would not make amends for anything she’d done. For all of this, in the name of Tyr, I sentenced her to die.

We led her outside the Friendly Arm and executed her by arrow and bullet against one of the walls of the Inn.

Screenshot 2024-05-04 at 4.45.32 PM.jpeg

After it was done, we brought her body and staff to Gellana. Somber and fatigued, we walked over to the Inn and rented room to sleep.

Screenshot 2024-05-04 at 4.48.17 PM.jpeg


We finally awoke from the day of sleep. After some trading with Bentley it was the late evening, but I wanted to get a start back on to Baldur’s Gate. We began up the Coast Way and continued on through midnight.

Day 61: Fishermen at Night
3rd Flamerule, 1368 DR

A little while after midnight, we reached the dwellings of the fishermen who supposedly murdered Tenya’s mother. There were some bandits nearby that we were forced to slay, and I soon deemed it likely they were in the area because they had illicit dealings with the thuggish fishermen themselves.

I confronted the fisherman swiftly and it didn’t take long for them to admit to the murder. Inevitably it came to violence, and before I knew it the three men were slain as well: justice again.

Current Party:

Stea Roco, Level 7 Priest of Tyr
Minsc, Level 4 Ranger
Kivan, Level 6 Ranger
Imoen, Level 7 Thief
Dynaheir, Level 6 Invoker

Reputation: Heroic (20)


Wow, that is some heavy duty "justice" there. Interesting take on your character's morality. I forget, is this character lawful neutral or lawful good?

I usually refuse to take or associate with Neera with my lawful good characters, because of her recklessness and incompatible alignment, but I've never thought she deserved to die. The times I do take her, I discourage her from trying to use magic except in times of very dire need and away from innocents - I make her into mostly an Identify bot and wand/scroll user.

As a player, I greatly dislike the wild mage class anyway, because I always do minimal reload.


Wow, that is some heavy duty "justice" there. Interesting take on your character's morality. I forget, is this character lawful neutral or lawful good?

I usually refuse to take or associate with Neera with my lawful good characters, because of her recklessness and incompatible alignment, but I've never thought she deserved to die. The times I do take her, I discourage her from trying to use magic except in times of very dire need and away from innocents - I make her into mostly an Identify bot and wand/scroll user.

As a player, I greatly dislike the wild mage class anyway, because I always do minimal reload.

Neutral Good actually. Slaying Neera was an extrajudicial act remember. He just desperately thought it was the overall right thing to do at that point--he lost faith in her as a good person, and worried about her hurting others. His concept of "doing good" is very much aligned with doling out his form of "justice", so he seems lawful most of the time, but there are times when he will break from established laws if he things an alternative route is right. (The worship of Tyr very much allows for "never enforcing an unjust law.") That's my thought process anyway.

But overall, the trend...killing Brage...killing Bassilus...killing Tenya, then the fishermen too...killing Neera...hmmm, it's almost like he's drawn to death and murder (wonder where he gets that from!) and is only using "righteous causes" as a cover (even if subconsciously). He has enough moral fortitude so far that he's focused on fighting evil....but yeah, he's going to dual class to a Thief one day, and not just any thief but an assassin-type guy with massive backstabs. I couldn't pick lawful good for the dual to work, but I also want to plant seeds about his darker nature early on....

The whole recurring theme throughout the saga of CHARNAME thinking he's a good person but actually being told he's an instrument of murder and him not being able to handle it....yeah, my character will likely play into that big that.

I've never thought she deserved to die.

I mean I personally don't either, but my character did! I think I actually killed her off in one other campaign, most of the time my characters don't care enough either way.

As a player, I greatly dislike the wild mage class anyway, because I always do minimal reload.

I'll play one one day and see how much of a mess it is...but I tend to agree. Neera summoned a Nabassu in Cloakwood and let off a fireball in close quarters. Disaster was averted each time, but definitely similarly frustrating for me AND my PC.


Day 61 Continued: Entering Baldur’s Gate
3rd Flamerule, 1368 DR

We made camp shortly after the encounter with the fishermen, and rested until morning.


We had to deal with a few more ankhegs on the road north, but we managed to enter Baldur’s Gate unscathed by mid-afternoon.

I took a moment to take in the surroundings, and the hustle and bustle of the largest city I’ve ever visited. No doubt evil and villainy abound within these walls, seething and corrupting as always…but for now, I’m in search of a specific nemesis: the Iron Throne. Not only are they behind all of the terrible chaos on the Sword Coast, they have a personal vendetta against ME, and are more than likely involved in my foster father’s murder. They are a powerful organization and seem to be legitimately established in the city; but still, I must find a way to vanquish them.

I did not expect the city to be a peaceful place, and it wasn’t. Within an hour or two of arriving, a group of evildoing mages attacked us in Sorcerous Sundries, and we were forced to slay them. The owner of the establishment Halbazzer, seemed to accept the outcome without much thought or care.

We explored the outer section of the city, looking for the Flaming Fist castle to see if there are other forces of the law intent on bringin the Iron Throne to justice. Scar, while potentially interested in investigating them, was quite dismissive when we first spoke of it. Maybe this Duke Eltan or others have a strong feeling on the matter… (or, perhaps, the Temples too?)

Speaking to a commoner, he mentioned a place called the “Undercellar”. A seedy place full of sin and corruption…that Iron Throne leaders and other evil men may frequently common. A despicable place, and a lead to track down one day…

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 9.08.40 PM.jpeg

By evening, we found the Iron Throne headquarters: an old, ominous building in the south of town. I will not barge in just yet, even though I feel the strong urge to dispense justice…let me first get more of a lay of the land. Yes…

I next found the Flaming Fist, the ostensible target of my walkabout throught he city. But Duke Eltan was not there. Time is of the essense, so it looks like it’s Scar who I must deal with in the meantime. I had also located the Seven Suns, but as night is approaching, I will wait until tomorrow morning to investigate.

On the streets, I next ran into Aldeth Sashenstar, having first met him outside his cabin in Cloakwood last month. He was having similar problems with his Merchants’ League to the Seven Suns. He wanted us to investigate. Having realized this must all be tied together to the Iron Throne’s schemes, it’s something I will also look into.

By that time, it was night. We rented room at the nearest inn.
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Day 62: Fighting the Iron Throne
4th Flamerule, 1368 DR

It was still before dawn when we left the inn, so I wanted to explore some more of the city before heading to the Seven Suns. I wanted to look in particular for any Temple presence dedicated to good and lawful deities. I had only found so far a House of Umberlee by the docks yesterday and wanted no dealings with them.

Then, the first volley was thrown by the Iron Throne. In the first light of the morning, two thugs by the name of Marek and Lothander confronted us. They looked to intimidate us, chase us out of town, but didn’t have the courage to attack us outright. Well, it would not be long before we confronted them at their own headquaters head on.

Soon after we turned around and marched directly to the Seven Suns. Within minutes, we discovered a doppleganger infestation, slew all the monsters, and saved the owner Jhasso. These must have been the Iron Throne agents mentioned by Davaeorn.

When we emerged, we finally met Duke Eltan back at his quarters in the Flaming Fist compound. Alas, he also had many suspicions about the villainy of the Iron Throne and sanctioned us to infiltrate their base. We were to find some evidence of their wrongdoing. I was going to confront them anyway, but with the backing of the Duke I was confident I was acting in the right.

But next–my thoughts immediately went to the Merchant’s League. I assumed dopplegangers had infiltrated them too, so we turned back to meet Aldeth while the day was still early. I didn’t care much for his planned ruse to disguise our identities and preferred to force the dopplegangers to reveal themselves as quickly as possible. And within the hour after our entrance, indeed just that happened. After an attempted “anniversary” trap, we destroyed another doppleganger infestation.

But the struggle against the Iron Throne could not wait for much longer. Before rushing in (as everything in my heart and body was urging me to do), I knew the right thing would be to take the rest of the day to seek out the Temples in the city. There is no Church of Tyr in Baldur’s Gate, but surely there must be righteous clergy of some denomination who could be allies against the evil of the Iron Throne? Or offer some information or strategy? I decided I would try, even if I knew I could not delay for long.

A short time later, the Iron Throne thug Lothander found us again in the marketplace. He told us that we had been poisoned by Marek the previous night–only he, Lothander, had the cure. I didn’t know what he was getting at, but I didn’t trust him for a second! I almost struck him down there as we spoke–but he did seem to come in peace. Violence, especially on a busy street in the middle of the day, would have been uncalled for. Buy why did they not mention this supposed “poison” when they confronted us this morning…?

It was the early afternoon when a worthwhile distraction sidetracked us for a few hours. We met a woman by the name of Brielbara, and she cried of an evil mage that placed a wasting disease upon her child. How wicked! The culprit Yago supposedly was at the Low Lantern–I passed by the ship yesterday, so I know where it is: near the Iron Throne headquarters, actually. Maybe this “Yago” has some valuable information one way or another.

We veered back southward to the Low Lantern and dealt with Yago, but not before stopping by the Temple of Helm. But the followers of the Vigilant One were to provide no assistance in bringing justice to our enemies.

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 9.44.54 AM.jpeg

And yes, we overheard more talk from commoners of the Undercellar. Could Iron Throne members be found in this depraved place? And even if not, what other evil and sickness lurks there? Unfortunately I had no way of finding it.

There was also much talk on the street of Ragefast and a nymph he’s imprisoned. I wanted to stay away form the whole debacle, but we finally stumbled upon his house…and with the knowledge that something twisted is happening in there, I decided I would have to investigate sooner than later. There were simply more important items to get to first.

As I continued to walk the streets, a boy Varci approached. He brought me to Tremain Belde’ar, who implored us to go to the Water Queen’s Temple to retrieve his son’s body. While the Umberlants are chaotically evil themselves and I do not believe the killing of the boy was true justice–it seems that WAS the judgment by both temples involved. With my struggles against the Iron Throne, I dare not risk the ire of potential allies against this evil…so yes, justice perhaps is already served. The situation, however, will weigh on my mind.

But by this time it was approaching night. Neither the Priests of Tymora nor Gond would provide an alliance against the Iron Throne–so be it. Should I spend more time trying to uncover the Undercellar? Ingratiating myself with the merchants and nobles and all their greed and selfishness? Gah! There was no more time to waste in confronting these villains. We’d been in the city for over a day. My impulses screamed to go to the Iron Throne building right then.

I had no patience for a cover story. I was furious to find their leaders and find some damning evidence of their evil plans. We ascended the tower, slaying guards and mercenaries as they attacked us. In one of the melees, we slew an innocent bartender who threatened to call more mercenaries to fight us. He had thrown his lot in with his overlords, so he deserved his fate. Despite that though, his killing will NOT be seen as just by the common folk.

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 11.22.12 AM.jpeg

Our assault culminated in a battle against a powerful group of mercenaries on the fifth floor. We defeated them without any losses. We captured one of the Iron Throne leaders–Thaldorn–and executed him once he told us the location of his allies: Candlekeep! My home, and now the current residence of my sworn enemies.

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 11.39.41 AM.jpeg

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 12.07.49 PM.jpeg

The Flaming First had apparently been keeping an eye on my activities, so I went directly from the Iron Throne building to their headquarters. Duke Eltan and I agreed that I should travel to Candlekeep to expose Rieltar and the rest of their leaders. He provided me with an invaluable tome of knowledge to allow my access inside, and we left the city with haste just before midnight.

Day 63: Return to Candlekeep
5th Flamerule, 1368 DR

Overnight, into morning, through the entire day, and back into nightfall–we marched. Southward down the Coast Way to Candlekeep.

In the later hours, I started feeling unwell: nausea, aches, retching. By the time we made it along the Lion’s Way to my old home, it was finally obvious to me: a special kind of poison had been running its course. Lothander was right! And here we were, at least a day’s travel away from him and Baldur’s Gate!

But as midnight approached, we stepped up to the Keeper of the Portal. Despite the shape I was in, there was no choice but to continue along and face the Iron Throne here in Candlekeep.

Current Party:

Stea Roco, Level 7 Priest of Tyr
Minsc, Level 5 Ranger
Kivan, Level 7 Ranger
Imoen, Level 8 Thief
Dynaheir, Level 6 Invoker

Reputation: Average (10)
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Baldur’s Gate Chapter 6

Day 64: Danger in Candlekeep
6th Flamerule, 1368 DR

With Duke Eltan’s book, we gained entry to Candlekeep. It was the middle of the night. Tired and poisoned, we headed to the inn to rent room. I spoke to some of the night watchmen on my way, and unsurprisingly most of them had suspicions about the Iron Throne “guests”--we would deal with them in the morning. After a somber reunion with Winthrop, we made our way to our rooms and fell into anxious sleep.


In the morning, I was ready to confront the evil in Candlekeep. I made my way to the Temple of Oghma, where I spent countless hours working in my youth, and quickly uncovered a doppleganger posing as one of the priests. As I made my way into the keep, I warned as many Candlekeep residents I could about the danger, but I could not wait for the Watchers to shake off their malaise. A scholar named Shistal was also revealed to be a doppleganger, and we slayed him as well.

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 9.17.10 AM.jpeg

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 9.36.07 AM.jpeg

Before long, we came upon Rieltar and Brunos of the Iron Thone–they did not notice us, and I decided to let them keep to their business for the time being. The incriminating evidence is apparently on Rieltar’s person, so I wanted to speak directly to Tethoril or Ulraunt before the aggressive step of confronting him for it.

But while looking for them, I met Piato, who led me to Gorion’s old chambers. My foster father had left me a note. Once I read it, I was in disbelief. It claimed my father is Bhaal, the Lord of Murder. How could this be possible? It is horrific, evil, tragic, disgusting, foul, and much worse. No–this must have been another of the Iron Throne’s schemes. After all the good I’ve done, in my youth and now that I’ve left Candlekeep? After how much I’ve prayed to Tyr and dedicated myself to serving justice? It turns out I have the tainted blood of an evil deith in my veins? It is too torturous to even consider. It’s an Iron Throne trick…a very deceptive one, for them to have been able to forge Gorion’s handwriting like that. But better to believe anything else than to think I have this darkness within me.

And what seemed like in the next moment, the Gatewarden arrested us for the murders of Rieltar and Brunos.

I was framed for their murders. Yes, I slew Thaldorn, as justice was due. And truly, I may have done the same for Rieltar and Brunos. However, I had seen them alive not minutes earlier. This must be another trick! Another insidious plot. Do they try to portray me as some murderous villain, despite all the battles I’ve fought and sacrifices I’ve made in the name of justice?? That must be it!

Tethtoril, goodness in his heart, affected our escape. So at once we began to cautiously moving through the catacombs of Candlekeep. It took us the better part of the afternoon and night. We battled through dozens of cruel doppelgangers, another Iron Throne assassin party, and even a part of Greater Basilisks. Finally, at midnight, we surfaced.

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 11.27.49 AM.jpeg

Screenshot 2024-06-08 at 2.33.55 PM.jpeg

Screenshot 2024-06-08 at 3.27.32 PM.jpeg

Screenshot 2024-06-08 at 3.33.39 PM.jpeg

Baldur’s Gate Chapter 7

Day 65: Haunted by Bhaal
7th Flamerule, 1368 DR

We fled down the Lion’s Way for most of the night, stopping when we were several hour east of Candlekeep; setting up camp not far from where Gorion was murdered. We were harrassed by not one, but two large herds of gibberlings, but eventually were able to set up camp and rest while it was still dark.

I had to content with the new circumstances. I’m framed as a murderer of Rieltar and Brunos, yes. But I did slay Thaldorn msyelf, as well as a supposed innocent at the Iron Throne base. Am I truly a villain? And more pressing of all: am I truly a spawn of Bhaal? Is there an evil taint at the very core of my being? No–somehow I must prove all of this has been a terrible wrong.

Venturing to Baldur’s Gate is dangerous now. In fact, it was where I was to be sent to be executed. I escape, but yet I travel there anyway? I’ve been poisoned and will die otherwise. My death sentence occurs inside or outside the city walls. So then I will enter the city, and tread carefully among the Flaming Fist there.

I had dark dreams during my slumbers. Memories far back from childhood. Arguments between Ulraunt and Gorion about his ward. Was it actually true? Is my blood tainted with the Lord of Murder? I can barely stomach it, Marek’s poison serving only to amplify the distress.


When we broke camp, we kept traveling north to Baldur’s Gate, traveling along the Coast Way but a ways off-path. Thankfully did not meet any travelers on the road the rest of the day.

As dusk was rolling in, we decided to set up camp yet again.


Day 66: The Plight for an Antidote
8th Flamerule, 1368 DR

We woke before dawn and kept traveling north all day, still off the Coast Way. My illness worsened. As we passed by the Friendly Arm Inn, we stayed outside its walls and did not stop.

We were attacked by a gang of bandits at some point during the day, but thankfully our journey didn’t disturb any subterranean ankhegs.

We arrived in Baldur’s Gate well after nightfall I learned quickly that I am wanted by the Flaming Fist for murder; I am to be killed onsite. I am truly a villain here. For everything I’ve done in service of Tyr, can it be true that deep down I am rotten and evil? Thus it seems that way in Baldur’s Gate. Maybe I should let Marek’s poison run its course and just perish…but no, not just yet.

I also learned that Sarevok is the one mastermind behind all of this, the ultimate enemy. His ambitions may stretch beyond just the dealings of the Iron Throne. Beyond that, Scar is dead, likely murdered. Whatever good intentions Duke Eltan may have had, he seems to have lost all influence. The city seems lost to insidious evil.

Screenshot 2024-06-09 at 1.44.05 PM.jpeg

Screenshot 2024-06-09 at 1.50.45 PM.jpeg

A resident named Addy somehow recognized me; implored me to fight against Sarevok. Yes, I must, but can I claim righteousness and justice any longer? I am a criminal, I am a murderer. True, my reputation hasn’t completely dimished yet in the eyes of the commonfolk. But they do not know what I know about my murderous essence.

We headed to the marketplace, the last place I found Lothander. He was still there at this hour, thankfully. Rhere were some Flaming Fist Enforcers about, even at this time of night, but I avoided the encounter. I truly feared what results may come.

Apparently Lothander was under a geas. Not truly evil, so he claimed, and just wished to be free from Marek’s control. I didn’t know whether to believe the story, but had no reason not to and no other choice besides that. The diviner to which he pointed me wanted his cut of fifty gold, and soon pointed me in the direction of the Umberlants. Ah! These evil priestesses who slayed a poor trespassing boy many days ago, and now they are complicit in some Iron Throne plot!

As midnight rolled in, we traveled south to the docks

Day 67: Finding a Cure
9th Flamerule, 1368 DR

As I approached the Water Queen’s house, a Flaming Fist Enforcer finally found us. He commanded that I turn myself in. Not only could it be a death sentence for me by way of the Flaming Fist; this poison will kill me in a few days if I remain imprisoned while my fate is slowly decided. Not long ago I had to rely on the unlikely actions of Tethtoril to effect my escape from Candlekeep; I have no such allies in Baldur’s Gate and cannot tempt fate again.

So as I feared, I had to fight the mercenary. And in the moment, killing him was the only option I could see.

When we slayed him, I felt exactly how I had been feeling since we got to Candlekeep: ill, rotten, and poisoned with something much worse than what an assassin could concoct. My party was angry at me, shocked and horrified, and I knew we’d be despised by all from this point forward. Still, with the guard’s body warm on the ground, we moved to the House of Umberlee.

Screenshot 2024-06-09 at 2.13.12 PM.jpeg

Jalantha Mistmyr dealt with us peacefully. She wanted a book retrieved from Lady’s Hall. Though sneaking about the city was dangerous, it was still the middle of the night. Five hundred gold for the tome was all it took for the Umberlants to provide me with the geas removal scroll. I was even surprised myself that the entire ordeal didn’t lapse into violence. We returned to Jalantha, then to Lothander, then to Marek, who we slayed for the cure. Finally, I am healed.

Screenshot 2024-06-09 at 3.13.58 PM.jpeg

All night, we had crept about the city. A Flaming Fist officer named Sorrel spotted us at one point; by Tyr’s grace one of the few remaining honorable Flaming Fist guards. He told us most of what we’ve already heard: Sarevok and Angelo have all but taken control of the city, and Eltan has been captured. But our party, hunted and despised, cannot even move freely without violence among the guard.

We left the city right before dawn broke, and made haste southward until mid-morning. It was time to make camp and finally rest.

What would Tyr want me to do? I still must fight for justice–but how? Before I have any chance of revealing the true evil of Sarevok in Baldur’s Gate, I must redeem myself. How can a criminal rally Dukes and Commanders? I must purge any evil that may linger in my soul. And for that, I must prove again I AM a force for good, on the side of righteousness, and worthy of Tyr’s blessings.

There is evil out there I know I can vanquish. The east, the rest of the wilderness, the land around Gullykin, and most of all Durlag’s Tower. There is the need for a hero. Before I can even begin to defeat whatever plot consumes Baldur’s Gate and the Sword Coast, I must defeat the villainy within myself. And I will begin by defeating villainy anywhere I can find it.

Current Party:

Stea Roco, Level 7 Priest of Tyr
Minsc, Level 5 Ranger
Kivan, Level 7 Ranger
Imoen, Level 8 Thief
Dynaheir, Level 7 Invoker

Reputation: Despised (4)
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