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My favorite origin? Honestly that is tough.
It has been over a decade since I last played but I really enjoyed the dwarf noble. There were hints of the larger pollical machinations that would dominate most of the plot of Dragon Ages and I liked how the culture of the dwarves was fleshed out by the writers through the process of creating the origins. The dwarves were familiar to folks who liked classical dwarves but "more real".
But honestly I enjoyed all of them and I love the concept of multiple beginnings. I felt that was the essence of the Dragon Age franchise and its point of differentiation to be honest.
Thanks for the question.

I approve of this answer! I am having a BALL of a time with the Dwarven Noble origin story on my live Let's Play of Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition:

The writing for Dragon Age: Origins (and the multiple starts) remains unparalleled. And why DA:O stills works so well, a decade later - separating it from more modern brethren, as you pointed out.

And Brent. Back to your Kickstarter:

Officially 200K! It is my sincere hope that this is the first step towards an independent creative career for yourself. Myself and the rest of the Tavern RPG patrons are cheering you on!


Raiders of the Serpent Sea is 5E and almost finished, looking good from the few glimpses I have taken at the Player's Handbook pages we have been allowed to see via Kickstarter.

I'd still like to know, @Brent Knowles, how the new license idea that WotC have come up with looks from a creator's perspective.
I don't suppose it will have any impact on your current project?
How do you view their plans to turn the "open" license into a more profitable (for them) version? If they see this through, will it have an influence on possible future plans for further campaigns you might want to create, and how?

Good luck with the final stages of publishing Raiders of the Serpent Sea!
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