I was thinking of some 'firsts' in gaming fun topic.


What games would you describe as being some of the firsts'' in gaming aka ZORK as a popular text game?

Myst was kind of a very well done first implementation of the ZORK, I recall when Duke Nukem came out that was AMAZING first person shooter. then next shooter that kind of blew the doors off was Max Payne slow motion gritty, with walls exploding.. Madden 2005 was a giant leap in sports gaming. oh what about an oldy: BARDS TALE RPG ...where you had to get out paper maps and a pencil to figure out how to get to the dragon while calling your friend across town on the corded phone at 10 pm at night if they got any farther along with the final castle maze.

Guild Wars 1 was the first MMO I played. I met my first wife there too. She's cool. A brilliant writer. She kept me around. :)
A little known shooter created by the America tax dollars called 'Americas Army' was a great game. A shooter with very intense teamwork.
There has been 1 and only one legitimate nascar game: NASCAR Racing 2003 Season (i do believe to this day that iracing base their engine off that game)

Neverwinter Nights you just have to hats off to. Not because of the rpg elements so much as the creation of the Aurora engine. I recall downloading 'script generators' from the nwn 1 forums. It blew me away.

The game 'dungeon siege' was a first of it's kind that did justice to the diablo style games.

I'm not sure if it was the 'first' of its kind but sim city was something amazing in itself.

antimater if you like to see 'old' old school strategy games give this atari st emulator a try in picture. I swear it holds up to todays turn based strategy. The first time I experienced 'fog of war' in a game.. a war game no less. :) Empire 'war game of the century'

What about you? what games made that 'leap' in gaming for you.


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Oo! This is a fun one. My first MMO was probably Runescape. And some of my first loves were like Pac-man world on PS1, Tony Hawk Underground & Simpsons Hit and Run on PS2 back when I was really young since I had no siblings to play with.
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