Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical


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Couldn't help myself and downloaded Stray Gods demo. I planned to check it during the weekend, but something told me, I won't stop thinking about it tomorrow, during work, which would be totally distracting.

So... how should I describe Stray Gods with just one sentence?

I... never knew I needed this game so badly!

This is the first musical game I have heard about (not saying there were none in the past, but I know no such game) and this alone was enough to pique my interest. I'm not a big fan of musicals (or musical cartoons), but after watching the trailer a couple of weeks ago, I felt this could be something truly unique. And it surely is!

The writing is great, but I wouldn't expect anything less from David and Liam, so that point is no surprise to me. I love that some responses are timed, this really keep the pace of the song (actually, I think that doing it in any other way would be bad). I am very curious how those choices affect the actual story in the long run.

And the most important... voice acting and singing. THIS IS SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. I can't even express, how beautiful this is. We can only listen a few characters in the demo - Laura Bailey, Ashley Johnson, Janina Gavankar and Khary Payton (I hope I haven't missed anyone) - and all of them are just stunning. I have my favourite, of course, but wouldn't dare to favour just one actor or actress, because all whom I listen to in this short demo were simply fantastic, and it would be really not fair to others to do so.

Two (very minor) nitpickings:
  • The text should linger on the screen until the character finish singing their line. Quite often, it fades away in the middle of the line, which can be troublesome, especially for someone who isn't a native English speaker and/or doesn't read quickly.
  • Maybe it's just me, but I felt like sometimes you can hear the dialogues being recorded in the studio. I'm not sure how to describe it properly, but maybe it's because sometimes during the conversation (but not the song) there is no music in the background, and you hear the voice-over "being recorded". I think, having a music constantly played in the background (even very quietly) would help to muffle the "tape effect" (I'm trying to describe graphically how I experience it).
All in all, I'm enamoured in the game, which is not something I felt for a long time. It's definitely a MUST-BUY for me at this point. Thank you Summerfall Studios for another game I'll be waiting for this year!
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