The Steam Awards 2022 - Your personal nominations?


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Have you nominated or are you going to nominate any games for the Steam Awards this year? I have never done it before, first because I didn't know about it, then because I had never played games that were released the same year.

- Game Of The Year
- VR Game Of The Year
- Labor Of Love
- Better With friends
- Outstanding Visual Style
- Most Innovative Gameplay
- Best Game You Suck At
- Best Soundtrack
- Outstanding Story-Rich Games
- Sit Back And Relax
- Best Game On The Go

I was thinking if I should nominate something or not, because I have played 2 games only that were released in 2022, and the demo of a third one. But not having played the "big names" like Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West etc doesn't mean I should be embarrassed to express my opinions. A lot of people just vote for big names without having much to compare to either, or maybe even without having played them.

The 2022 releases I own are Metal: Hellsinger and Stray, and I have played the Gamescom demo of Pentiment.

Metal:Hellsinger deserves to be acknowledged for more than just Best Soundtrack, but it's not possible to nominate the same game for more than one category. It won't stand a chance against the big titles for Game of the Year anyway, even if it would be my choice from the ones I've played and the ones I've heard and watched stuff about. But in that case I'd have to pick another game for Best Soundtrack, which I couldn't possibly do with a clear conscience. It's also the category where it stands the most realistic chances.

I have nominated Pentiment for Outstanding Visual Style. That doesn't mean most stunningly realistic graphics, but a unique, captivating style that creates a certain atmosphere, and I'd say that's definitely the case with Pentiment's very particular woodcut style and the different scripts.
Maybe it deserves the narrative award for story-rich games too, but I haven't seen enough of it to judge that yet, and as mentioned above, only one category.

Stray was the third game from 2022 I have played, and I enjoyed it, it was a very cute and unique experience, had some nice puzzle elements and a heartwarming story, with both the cats and the robots being (a bit of a surprise how they managed that) very emotionally expressive. Also, I don't have cats so I'm not just biased because of "ooooooh cats!"
BUT: The game was not without flaws. There were some bugs that made me drop it more than once until I could find a workaround, and during the fast action parts, the PC controls are pure hell. There's one issue in a chapter where you have to race through a sewer-like alleyway with obstacles very quickly while shaking off tiny deadly creatures, and exactly there is a severe bug that makes steering almost impossible. A lot of googling with tips which keybinds to remap where and then countless trials and reloads finally got me through that passage that made many players give up or buy a controller. Yes, it says in the beginning of the game that it's best experienced with a Game Pad, but that shouldn't be an excuse to completely ignore faulty PC controls. None of the 3 patches it has received since release have addressed that issue, and I'd expect more, especially if it's even one of the 6 games nominated for Game of the Year at the freaking Game Awards.
So, that factor aside, it's a very enjoyable game, especially during a relatively open phase where you have to find and interact with multiple robots in a certain area of the city, so for me from this year's releases it's definitely my Sit Back And Relax game, so that's where I nominated it.

If it follows the expectations its prequel has set, I can easily imagine A Plague Tale: Requiem as a good candidate for Outstanding Story-Rich Games, but I haven't played it yet.

So that's it for now. As I have mostly played older games, I might look into a candidate for "Labour of Love" for ongoing support. "Better with Friends" is a category I can hardly judge as single player, and Best Game You Suck At would be Metal: Hellsinger too ;)

I'd be happy to hear other people's opinions, if you nominated a game, which, and why, or what your personal votes would be if you participated or whatever else you would like to add to the topic, or even if and why you dislike awards in general.


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I think the more people participate in similar events, the better. Never underestimate the power of players' communities. ;)

The Labor Of Love should be The Witcher 3 due to the Next-Gen update, no question about it. It releases Dec 14, comes for free, and has a ton of improvements for an already well-polished game.

I agree with Metal: Hellsinger as the Best Soundtrack and Pentiment for the Outstanding Visual Style due to the reasons you've cited above. I would agree regarding Stray for Sit Back And Relax as well--but I haven't played Stray yet, and those issues you've mentioned are the reason.

The Most Innovative Gameplay should go to Neon White. It was praised for being innovative by a lot of sources.

I can't look past The Elder Scrolls Online for Better With Friends. In addition, the game got a new chapter this year.

Best Game You Suck At, personally, belongs to Elden Ring. I never played soulslike games exactly because I know I would suck at them. And considering Elden Ring is such a widely praised game, it qualifies as "Best Game", right?

Outstanding Story-Rich Game should go to Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. The game has an outstanding amount of content, it's story-rich, and got the Enhanced Edition this year. But apparently, the rules don't allow us to vote for it in this category as it wasn't released in 2022. Somehow, though, they allow us to vote for Death Stranding: The Director's Cut.

Best Game On The Go, in my opinion, should go to any game that has a mobile port and where you could switch freely between the PC and the mobile version, continuing from where you left off. My personal pick would be Axis & Allies 1942 Online, a game I have 3.6k hours in. This year, the iOS port finally got fixed, and playing it on the go is very convenient. But again, the rules don't allow us to vote for it in this category as it wasn't released in 2022.

VR Game Of The Year--can't tell, as I don't have VR devices.

Game Of The Year. I know Elden Ring will win it anyway. And I can't vote for Stray because of the quality of its PC port. I would vote for V Rising. Valheim was named Game of the Year by PC Gamer in 2021, and it was still in Early Access. I think the story for V Rising is very similar. I played it for 30 hours earlier this year and totally had fun. Also, indie games rule supreme!
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