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Now when Age of Mythology Retold has been announced, I recall how passionately I had played RTS games 20-25 years ago. Age of Empires I was probably the first game I ever played on a PC. What are your favourites? Do you play RTS games today? What games can you recommend?

As a side note, have a look at this retrospective on Age of Mythology:



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C&C > SC1 > Dune 2 are my 3 preferred ones and then it get's more harder. W2 and 3 are great games, especially 3. AoE2 is great and I've had some fun MP on that one, though haven't played the remaster. TA was great indeed but I also loved the less known KKND. C&C had more good ones coming out, I actually liked them all. Generals was a great time, Tiberian sun too. I played the RA games too, but never liked them as much as the C&C line of games. SC2 has (had?) the best league I've ever seen. I followed all tournaments for about 1 year or 2 during the pandemic.


Personally, I can't get into RTS because I don't like the time pressure that I would guess is precisely one of the main things its fans *do* like about it. I want to relax while I read tooltips and menus, and make decisions. Turn-based strategy gives me that. The thought that the computer is coming to kill me while I don't even understand the interface or what my buildings and resources do, is very stressful to me, which is the opposite of what I want from a game.

I don't mean to throw cold water on the thread or on people who want to share their enjoyment of RTS. I took your wording in the OP to invite people who don't play the genre to chime in.
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