Your favourite Voice Over Actors and Actresses in games


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I really wish I knew more of the names in this field and more about them. I can only name a few video game voice actors off the top of my head, but I respect the talent it takes to do this very much. I sometimes think I may have a bit of talent for voice acting, myself, but probably nowhere near as good as the pros.

I know he came before video games were a thing, but my favorite voice actor has to be Mel Blanc. He was pretty much the pioneer in this field, as the original voice of almost all the Loony Tunes. From what I understand, even most of the modern voice actors still regard him as the best that ever was.


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Now after playing BG3 for a bit, I can definitely say the talent of VO actors and actresses in this game is phenomenal.

Neil Newbon (Astarion) and Devora Wilde (Lae'zel) are now among my most favourite companion voices ever.

And what is more, a lot of them seem to be great and fun people in RL. Jenniffer English (Shadowheart) and Devora Wilde seem to be having a good time on social media, reading some fan takes in their BG3 voices (I can't recommend listening to this enough):

One bonus point for VO actors not shown in that video should go to Andrew Wincott (Raphael).

Just listen to Andrew reciting Sonnet 138 here.

Black Elk

"Devora Wilde is Bae…I mean Lae’zel"

hehe love it!

I think her Voice and Motion capture acting are just incredible here, like totally nailed it. The most iconic Gith ever, from here on out, no contest.

It's a trip to think about voices, cause it's the first thing we think of for sure, but it's really a full performance. Like you can tell they keyed the model off her face, and I'm sure all these dialogue cutscenes were acted out. I remember being all bowled over when I learned about how rotoscope was used in the animated classics I grew up with.

Like take a quick glance at these images...


Once you peek through that keyhole, gives a real sense of how much work gets done behind the scenes to bring these characters to life.

Even if they're animated as opposed to live action, it's still live acting at it's heart.

ps. Also seeing some of those other names brought back memories of games that really had an impact, or at least once we started getting voices in games. Some day maybe they'll hand out an academy award in this category. Cause I bet the workload is on par with portraying characters in animated feature films. The budgets for games are now also about on par with releases in the cinema, so I imagine they get the laurels one day too for these titles. I haven't heard anything about the SAG-AFTRA strike as it relates to games, but it's hard for me to imagine a screen that gets more screentime than the game screen hehe. I have some definite hours clocked in BG3, like watching STAR WARS 400 times in a row, and I barely played the EA for like a year and half. So we spend a lot of time with those performances, that's for sure. Easily a season's worth of television caliber. Kinda golden age right now honestly. What's weird is that the whole residuals vs AI scans forever probably would be even more relevant in games, since I'm sure that's like the first thing they'd target if they could just do text-to-voice instead of calling the actor back to record new lines, but I'm happy to pay a bit more for games that are well acted, and where they kicked down some scratch to the actors that made it happen. People lament the cost and consequence of making games so cinematic, and I feel that too, but it's take me out to the movies already, least it's cool to see some of those names get the top billing and a time in the spotlight for turning in ace performances!
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